If you have lost a pet in DeKalb County, please visit DeKalb County Animal Services as soon as possible to see if we have your pet. We pick up animals from all over Dekalb County 24/7. Due to the large number of impounded animals and because so many animals look alike, we can not tell you if we have your animal (unless tagged or chipped) or from what location a particular pet was picked up. Lost and stray animals may be held for only five days after intake, therefore, it is important you visit the shelter right away and again every few days to check for your lost pet. Bring your drivers license and proof of ownership if you have it (photo, vet bill) in order to reclaim.

We scan impounded stray animals for microchips, so if your pet is chipped make sure that the microchip company has your current contact phone numbers. We also call on tags so if your pet is wearing a rabies tag, registration tag or license tag, make sure that the tag agency has your current phone numbers. We also recommend you use social media to spread the word to neighbors including posting photos of your lost pets on your neighborhood Facebook page.  You may also want to look for and post photos/descriptions of your lost or found pet on lost/found databases such as FidoFinder.com. Please note that FidoFinder is not affiliated with DeKalb County Animal Services. 

Between shelter visits, view pictures below of some of the pets at our shelter to see if you recognize yours. Not all pets are pictured and this is not a substitute for visiting the shelter. If you see your pet online, please call and email us to let us know and come to our shelter immediately to reclaim him or her!

For more information or resources, please visit our Resources section!

Please note that we name all animals on intake, so you may see your own pet listed below with a different name. Scroll down to see the dogs and cats.

Lost Pets