Need a Dog for the Day?

Sometimes the only thing missing from a perfect stroll in the park or that blissful hike in a favorite greenspace is a dog. Or maybe you’re not the outdoor type, but want a canine couch potato to hang with one afternoon.

We’ve Got One for You

Never fear! We’ve got you covered. Our "Dog for the Day" program lets you borrow a shelter dog for the day, gives our dogs a break from the shelter environment and gets them seen by potential adopters. The fun is endless, both for the dogs and the humans!

Jessica Metzger produced this audio and video for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought.”

Volunteers Make it Happen

The program is a huge success because of the fantastic volunteers who participate. Some volunteers have gotten creative in helping dogs get adopted by posting cute photos of their "Dog for the Day" adventures on social media, telling people about the pup's personality and sharing information about LifeLine Animal Project's DeKalb shelter.

Sometimes volunteers are directly responsible for turning our shelter dogs into former shelter dogs, helping them get new lives and homes.

That's what happened to Maggie and Nadine.

Success Stories!

Maggie loved it when volunteers Stephen and Rochanak picked her to be their dog for the day and took her out for a hike before letting her nap at their home.


Maggie found her forever home!

"Maggie was a very well behaved guest. She didn't whine or bark and obeyed leash commands beautifully," said Stephen, "She loved walking on top of rocks, and although she didn't seem eager to jump in the water, at one point she walked right in and sat down. Other joggers, cyclists and dog walkers didn't bother or distract her."

Stephen added that once they took her home, she curled up next to the A/C vent and took a nice, long nap. She didn't even try to jump on the couch. They called her "the perfect, chilled out, affectionate dog!"

The day after Stephen and Rochanak posted pictures about their adventures with Maggie, someone saw the post and decided to adopt her! Now Maggie has a home and can sleep near the AC vent whenever she likes.

Nadine found her new home!

Nadine was more of a social butterfly than laid-back Maggie, and when she was taken out by volunteers they reported how much she loved meeting people and exploring every inch of the backyard at their house. They correctly called her "a sweetheart!" and after sharing their pictures and information about her on social media, Nadine also hit the jackpot and got a home! Now Nadine is socializing with her new parents family and friends on a regular basis!

Join in the Fun!

Participating in this great program is simple! You’ll just need to attend a “Dog for the Day” orientation session to get started, and pick out your dog. We’ll provide you with a leash, harness, and an "adopt-me" vest for the dog of your choice. Your dog needs to be signed in and out of the volunteer office, and brought back one hour before closing. The shelter dog must be fully vetted to leave the shelter. So join in the fun, and help out a shelter dog! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started.

Other Ways to Help

If you can't participate, you can still help by donating some needed items to this program, including an "Adopt Me" vest or bandanna. Please add "DeKalb County Animal Services" to the vests (there is no extra charge) and have deliveries sent to 845 Camp Rd, Decatur, GA 30032. Our dogs thank you in advance for your support!