A Letter from LifeLine's CEO and Founder

Dear LifeLine Supporters,

Two incidents recently occurred at our DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) shelter that were deeply distressing, and I want to address them here with you.

We made a serious mistake. There was a miscommunication in the feeding routine that resulted in nearly 30 dogs not being fed over the course of two days, and then again for more than a 24-hour period. As an organization founded on improving the lives of animals, this is unacceptable. We have identified what caused the miscommunication in feeding and have implemented changes in procedures with additional safeguards to ensure this will NEVER happen again. The animals involved have had no health issues resulting from this mistake. We made an error, and we take full responsibility.

In a separate incident, there was a tragic accident at DCAS. We were very saddened to discover one of our favorite dogs had died while trying to escape a cage in the middle of the night when no staff was present. We can never know exactly what happened, but we have determined that the particular cage he was in is no longer safe. The doors to the cage have been removed so it cannot be used. We are heartbroken by this accident and terrible loss.

Our mission is to save every healthy and treatable animal who enters our care. In only three years, we have increased the number of dogs and cats leaving the DeKalb shelter alive from 61 percent to 91 percent as of April 2016. We focus on lifesaving programs to provide quality care, increase successful adoptions, promote spay and neuter, and help families and communities care for the pets they love.

We remain committed to our vision of a lifesaving community, where every cat and dog can be guaranteed a good life in a caring environment. We strive to make every decision–from diagnostic testing, medical treatment and spay and neuter, to housing and adoptive placement–in the best interest of each individual animal.

We will never be able to prevent every accident, but we must be sure we are providing the best possible care to the animals in the shelter. I promise to you, to the citizens of the counties we serve, and to the animals for whom we are responsible, we hold ourselves accountable. I am confident the operational changes we have made will ensure we are doing the very best we can to nurture and heal the animals in our care.




Rebecca Guinn
Founder and CEO
LifeLine Animal Project