The animal shelter of DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) is managed by LifeLine Animal Project, a nonprofit organization working to end shelter euthanasia. LifeLine provides humane care for the animals at the shelter, veterinary care including spay/neuters, pet adoptions, animal reclaims, volunteers, foster homes and rescue group coordination.

LifeLine, which has been managing the animal shelter at DCAS since 2013, made history in 2019 by saving over 90% of all animals for the first time ever. 90% and above is the national “no-kill” benchmark. We have sustained no-kill rates at DCAS ever since, despite taking in between 20 and 40 animals every day thanks to our amazing community of pet lovers, adopters, fosters, volunteers and donors.

The Enforcement Services Division of DCAS remains county-operated under the DeKalb County Public Safety umbrella. This division enforces local and state laws regarding animals including handling complaints about animals and their care, rabies control, vicious and dangerous animals and cruelty or neglect of animals. Animal Enforcement Officers regularly participate in community outreach and public education initiatives by participating in neighborhood meetings, school events and various county-wide events.

About LifeLine Animal Project

LifeLine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the largest animal welfare organization in Georgia. We manage both the Fulton County and the DeKalb County shelters, and are sustaining no-kill levels at both shelters. LifeLine also provides field enforcement services for Fulton County.

We look at the root causes of animal homelessness and work with our community to provide accessible pet care. Our goal is to keep people and pets together. If you want to add a cat or dog to your home, visit a LifeLine shelter today. From spay/neuter services to general wellness care, LifeLine also has top-notch veterinary care at affordable prices.

LifeLine has transformed the way metro Atlanta cares for animals in need, and annually, tens of thousands of animals are no longer euthanized in Atlanta area shelters.


Do you want to turn your passion for animal welfare into a meaningful career? If you are looking for a new path with purpose, check out the current employment opportunities at LifeLine Animal Project’s DeKalb County Animal Services shelter!


DeKalb County Animal Services is open seven days a week. You can view our hours of operation, see our address, and find contact information from our various shelter departments and Animal Enforcement.

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