Managed by LifeLine Animal Project since 2013, DeKalb County Animal Services (DCAS) provides humane care for animals at the shelter. This includes veterinary care, spay/neuter surgeries, pet adoptions, pet registration, animal reclaims, volunteer and foster home opportunities and rescue group coordination. 

DeKalb County Animal Enforcement Services (DCAES) is managed by the DeKalb County Public Safety division. DCAES provides care, education, and protection services for animals in the fight against cruelty, while enforcing County ordinances and state animal-related laws.


DCAES provides care, education, and protection services for animals in the fight against cruelty. The officers enforce DeKalb County animal ordinances, address the root causes of animal issues in the community and provide resources to support the community’s needs.


All DeKalb County pet owners must register their pets. Doing so not only ensures that Animal Enforcement Officers can contact you if your pet is lost, but the license fee also helps us care for other pets in the shelter.

Reclaim A Pet

If you believe your pet has ended up in our care, please visit the shelter as soon as possible to begin the reclaim process. Please also note:

  • The hold period at our shelter for pets found without identification (e.g. a tag or microchip) is three (3) business days from the date of intake. For pets found with identification, the hold is five (5) business days from the date of intake.

  • A walk-through of the shelter is the only way to positively confirm that your pet is in our care. We are unable to confirm this by phone or email.

  • You must come to the shelter in person in order to begin the reclaim process. You will need to bring personal identification and proof of ownership (a photo of the pet and/or veterinary records).

Shelter Fees

If you are reclaiming your pet and can’t afford the fees, we’ll work with you on payment options and amounts. We’ll also waive impound and boarding fees if you choose to have your pet spayed/neutered at our shelter. Spaying/neutering your pet keeps them healthier and prevents more animals from coming into the shelter.

Impound Fees
  • Intact (not spayed or neutered) dog or cat: $60
  • Spayed or neutered dog or cat: $30
  • Impounded livestock: $30
  • Impounded livestock with trailer: $65
  • Owner surrender fee: $35
Daily Impound Custody/Boarding Fees
  • Domestic: $10 per day
  • Livestock: $15 per day
  • Bite quarantine: $200 flat fee

Trap rental: $20 (refundable)


The DeKalb County Code of Ordinances, Article VI. – Rabies and Animal Control, covers the county laws about animals, including laws about cruelty, dogs at large and dangerous animals, and is enforced by DeKalb County Animal Enforcement Services.


To save the lives of outdoor cats, LifeLine follows a shelter-neuter-return (SNR) protocol. With SNR, cats are brought into our shelters, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and ear-tipped and returned to where they were initially found.

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